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90 Day Guarantee
We have the longest guarantee in the industry. A 90 day Guarantee on all bats purchased from BigDawg Bats (Big Dawg Bat Shaving is a different company, shaved bats have no warranty).
1 If your bat breaks while using it under normal conditions within 90 days of purchase, BigDawg will exchange your bat if the break is determined to be a result of our process.

2 If your bat is not performing the way you feel it should we can also re-roll your bat at no additional bat rolling cost. This is for new rolled bats or bats that are sent in by customers.

3 We also guarantee that if any bat that is sent in to be rolled breaks during the process we will replace that bat to the customer.

 BigDawg Bats stands behind every bat that we service; we are extremely confident in our ability and technique.
*Senoir Slow Pitch Bats do not come with a 90 day Warranty
The Most Extensive 90 Day Guarantee
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