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End Cap Repair

Send us your bat and the End Cap that has come off or is ready to come off. Even if it has been worked on by another bat shaving company Big Dawg will still provide expert service. We will epoxy your baseball or softball cap in place just like new, with a strong and secure bond.
If you don't have the original end cap then I can install a brand new cap (if we have your model available, please email for confirmation). We will keep the same factory weight on your bat when we securely replace your end cap.

This service will void your bat warranty offered by the bat manufacturers, according to their warranty rules.

End Cap Removal /Replacement

Special instructions

How to Order

1. Choose what type of service you would like (End Cap Repair or End Cap Removal/Replacement).

2. Email us to make sure we can service your bat.

3. Add any "Special Instructions"

4. Click the "add to cart" button and finish checking out.

5. Box your bat up and ship it to us (Once your order is complete you will be sent shipping instructions automatically).

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