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I came across an email today asking if we bat roll with end caps removed. I answered that bat rolling with the cap off was a ridiculous process. In theory it kind of makes sense; getting more flex on the bat to get a more complete break in at the end of the bat. There is a couple of problems with removing the end cap when rolling. When an end cap is removed it is now clearly an altered bat; this is not to say a rolled bat isn't altered (according to most baseball and softball associations and bat manufacturers) but once you modify/replace anything on a bat it is a clear cut alteration. I had tried this method in the past and the results were hair line parallel cracks towards the end of the bat where the paint stopped. I also experienced thicker cracks running parallel down the top of the barrel. The paint/ laminate has an ending point and that is where the problem arises when that area is flexed too much. Another issue is putting caps on correctly. If end caps are not put in place by someone who has expertise in the area you will have issues. From our vast amount of experience here are just a few. Wrong type of epoxy; can be too brittle and cause pieces to fall off in the bat. Epoxy can also be mixed incorrectly causing it to be too brittle or too malleable. Not cleaning the area before securing cap will cause a cap to creep out. Epoxy leaking out the end cap can be an issue if improperly secured while drying. Some caps will break when removing, no matter how careful you are; then you are forced to use a non oem cap. This process comes down to good motivation to think outside the box but poor judgment.
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