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Add a Lizard Skin Grip to your Bat
Nomal Spec
A consistent shave balancing
durability and distance.

Aggressive Spec
A little more of an aggressive shave which sacrifices some durability.

Most extreme shave while sacrificing durability. Bats cannot be used in weather below 75 degrees.

A 75% shave for those just looking for an little extra distance and larger sweet spot.
Bats ship out in 1-3 days (Unless Rush Service is Purchased) via Priority, Express or Next Day
Every bat comes with detailed compression test results.

Is Bat Shaving Illegal?
Your bat will no longer be legal in any associations that does not allow altered bats.

How to Order

1. Choose what type of service you would like (Bat Shaving, Rolling, Polymer or combination).

2. Choose the level of shaving (there is a detailed explanation below)

3. Click the "add to cart" button and finish checking out.

4. Box your bat up and ship it to us (Once your order is complete you will be sent shipping instructions automatically).

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Bat Shaving Levels

(Endloading and/or ring removal included)