This is Brock, the owner of BigDawgBatRolling.com. I have loved the game of baseball since I started playing in 1978 and now menís slow pitch softball. Back in 2006 I overheard a conversation about rolling a bat while at a league night. I was intrigued and wanted to try it out myself. I would not trust my bat to be sent out to someone else so I decided to buy a bat roller. I figured I could roll a few bats and then resell the roller on EBay. There was very little info on how to roll a bat on the Internet but the Roller had come with some instructions on the pressure to be put on the bat. The first bat I rolled was my slightly used Easton Extended SCX3. I was not impressed with the results as I went right out and hit batting practice down the road. I decided to add more pressure and heard a crackle as I went along. I had thought I broke the bat at first but decided to continue. I remember it was dinner time and my wife was asking me to come upstairs for dinner. I told her I had to go back to the ball field for a minute but that did not go over well and I ate dinner. With little daylight left I rushed up to the park to hit some balls. First hit I knew the bat changed. I could not stop hitting after I put 8 in a row over the fence off a tee. I ended hitting all 25 balls I had in my bag and had a huge blister on my left hand. I only left 6 in the park, I was truly amazed. I told my teammates about the results and I started to roll bats for them and their friends. I figured I could make a little extra money at this so I sold bat rolling services on Craigís List and then EBay. In 2012 I decided to put a website together to further my little business.

All the sites I had seen did not give me a warm and fuzzy about sending my bats there. I wanted to make a site that was genuine and conveyed the love of the game that I had. I wanted to make a site that I would go to and trust my bats with. I believe the site I created expressed that message with honest information that explained the processes that I knew worked. As I read the through every other site I saw fabricated testimonials, this was one the main reasons I did not want to send my bats to any of them. To this day others have fake testimonials on their sites, if I could see through them anyone could. Being in this business you get to know your competitors' services and products through feedback from their customers or general observations. Some of the actions of people in this business makes me cringe. Here at BigDawg we are just trying to do fast, honest, quality work. Itís really just that simple
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