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We pioneered the process which has been the standard in the bat rolling industry for 5 years. We have been breaking in bats for over 11 years and rolled tens of thousands of bats.  With this experience comes knowledge of just about every bat on the market, our information vault is the world's best. We produce the hottest bats possible through our break in process. 20-40 feet gains in distance will be expected after our bat break in process (with a 34 inch bat; gains are slightly lower each inch below 34 inches).  It has been proven that bat break in increases distance and pop. This accelerated break-in process mimics the natural progression of a bat broken in by natural ball striking. It takes about 300-700 hits to break in a bat depending on the composite and ball type; our process just speeds that time to 20 minutes. No cosmetic alterations occur to the bat in the process. Only the composite is compressed throughout the barrel; the bat will look the same as when it was sent in. Accelerated Break In techniques along, with Bat rolling, is considered altering a bat by all major associations and most bat manufacturers state that rolling a bat voids the warranty.
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