Best Slow Pitch Shaved Softball Bats 2015

Normally shaved bats will come down to feel. Or what the person swinging the bat likes because most every bat shaved will give you 30-60ft of extra distance. Shaved bats are pretty similar in pop and distanced if shaved correctly. I will go over some of the top shaved bats below (manufactures in no particular order).
Eastons are known to be a very good all-around bat in both pop and durability. I will go over some of their bats.

#1 Mako Torq- The TCT composite had been used in baseball bats prior to this year’s softball lineup. This bat is interesting because of the extremely high price. The question going around slow pitch softball forums “Is it worth it?” and the answer seems to be yes. You have Major Conference players foregoing using their signature bat and picking up the Torq. They are not a fan of the rotating handle so they tape it and swing away. For bat shaving purposes this bat is highly favorable. It has a 13 ½ inch barrel, the new composite is durable and the feel is excellent. This is one of the top 3 shaved bats for 2015.
 #2 Raw Power Series/Wegman/ Baker and Kirby- The IMX composite has been around quite a while and has been a proven winner. Each bat below is a little different and depending on your specific swing type or what you like to swing (balanced, 2-piece, end loaded etc.) the Raw Power has good options. You will get distance and durability out of this line of bat.
Mikens have been around in the very beginnings of composite bats and always have a great product. This year they have quite a few too choose from. The sound, feel, distance, and sweet spot are staples from a Miken bat.

#1 DC-41/ Freak Black Maxload/ For the Fallen Balanced- 2 piece bats with a 14 ½ barrel, these things are awesome. The longer barrel increases the sweet spot so mishits are still flying. The end loaded bats may be an issue to some; although they stay true to knob stickered weight, in the past Mikens have not. The true weight might make it easier to swing for some who did not like them in the past. The composite in the new Mikens allow for a little bit more aggressive shave without sacrificing durability. These shaved bats sound, feel, and hit outstanding. This is one of the top 3 shaved bats for 2015.
#2 Psycho/ Filby- One piece bats with very impressive end loads on some of the models. I wasn’t too impressed with the 2013 Psychos or Filbys but last year’s models changed that view in a hurry. The bats had pop, distance and a huge sweet spot. For those who do not like the whippiness of a 2-piece shaved bats these are the go to bats. I am impressed with these models; shaved, rolled, or unaltered.
#3 Freak 12 Maxload- This bat does not have a counter part in the ASA. This is a 2-piece, Max end loaded, 12 inch barrel bat. The end load is amplified by the short barrel; truly a power hitter’s bat. A lot of Major players are using this bat in conference play, some even foregoing there signature bat. Be on the look out for this one!
Worth bats have always been a good choice for shaving; many different styles, pop, distance, and durability.

#1 Worth Legit 2-piece Jeff Hall/ Greg Connell/ Resmondo/ Balanced- Worth is using the CF100 Tech composite which is has proven to have distance and durability. These bats come in end load or balanced for specific swing paths and speeds. I like how these bats perform rolled and unaltered. The Legit shaved bat also does not disappoint. The thing I noticed most is the “jump” these bats have when shaved. They also seem to be a little stiffer than a normal 2-piece which can be a positive for one piece bat users.
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