Does Bat Shaving Really Work?

If you mean witnessing absurd increases in ball distance, then the answer is a profound “Yes!". Once the walls of the bat are thinned down by shaving the barrel will definitely have more of a trampoline effect. There is a balance that has to be achieved when bat shaving though; durability and distance. Shaving a bat too much can cause it to break very soon. Bat shavers have to come up with specifications that allow for distance while not sacrificing too much durability. This is one of the things that separates the good bat doctors from the bad bat doctors. It is sometimes hard to figure out who does good bat shaving service. I usually tell people to look at the website and pick the one you feel most comfortable with.
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Bat shaving is a transaction that needs to take into account a personal level of quality service. When you type “Bat Shaving” into Google you will find 6 or 7 bat shaving companies. The reason these companies are on the first page of Google is longevity; they have been around the longest. One of the reasons probably is that they do not scam their customers and put out a decent product. BigDawg has been around for quite a while and there is only one other bat shaver that has been on the web shaving longer. We are known around the world for putting out a quality product that really works.

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