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2018 Dudley Lightning Legend Lift Endload LL13ESP

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Pop: 9.5
Distance: 9.3
Sweet Spot: 9.1
Durability: 9.0
Feel: 9.5
Sound: 9.6

2018 Dudley Lightning Legend Lift Endload LL13ESP Bat Review

The Dudley Lighting Legend lift is different from the last 2 years of Dudleys, the handle is stiffer and the bat takes a very long time to break in (bat rolling helps) and get that crack sound we are looking for. It does have good pop and after being shaved or rolled well it heats up and comes off the bat extremely well. This is the same as the 12" lift just a different balance and larger barrel.
  • Dudley is excited to introduce the Lightning Legend® Lift bats for 2018.  The Lite Frame Technology (LIFT) will allow every player maximum bat speed at impact.  The 13” Barrel End-Loaded model is for players that want more mass at the end of the bat. 
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    Manufacturer: Dudley
    Model Number: LL13ESP
    Barrel Length: 13"
    Swing Weight: End Loaded
    Levels of Shaving Explained Here Effects of Cold Weather on Bats Explained Here 2018 Dudley Lightning Legend Lift Endload LL13ESP Bat Review