Easton bats are heavy

Have you ever noticed your kids bat from Easton is a little heavy? Well, you are correct. Easton sends out bats that do not match the stickered weight, especially in youth bats. People buy a bat expecting a 28/17oz and get home and weigh the bat and it is 28/19.3oz….whooooa, 1.3oz heavier? Correct, almost 1 1/2oz heavier than stickered. The weight differential varies but in a lot of cases it is near 2oz; which is a little crazy. I do not have every bat weighed but here are some examples beside the one I just gave you:
SL16MK10 30/20oz *actual weight 30/22oz
SL16MK10 32/22oz *actual weight 32/22.9oz
FP16MK10 34/24oz *actual weight 34/24.3oz (As the length of the bat gets longer the weight is closer to stickered weight)
YB16MK11 30/19oz *actual weight 30/21.1oz
YB16MK12 29/17oz *actual weight 29/19.2oz
YB16MK10 31/21oz *actual weight 31/22.4oz
BB16MKL 32/29oz *actual weight 32/30.7oz
SL16MK5 32/27oz *actual weight 32/28.5oz
SL16MK5 32/27oz *actual weight 32/28.1oz (same model bat .4oz difference)
SL16MK5 30/25oz *actual weight 30/26.4oz

It seems the weight differential is isolated to baseball and fast pitch bats because the slowpitch bats are within +/- .1oz. I also heard someone say that a -10 youth bat was end loaded and a -11 was supposed to be balanced; this is incorrect. There are no end loads an any youth, senior, or fastpitch Easton bats only Bbcor and slowpitch bats have an end load.
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