Why Should I go with Big Dawg Bats?

I have been playing softball and baseball for over 30 years now and I understand the game and the equipment.  The passion I have for the game will go into the services I offer for your bat.  I continually conduct research in order to stay current with bat manufactures, doctoring techniques and associations' rules and regulations.


Do you do break in Metal Bats?

I recently ran into someone who showed me a study of double walled aluminum bats and the results kind of shocked me.  A Ph D at the Kettering University in Flint, MI showed that after hitting a softball with a aluminum double walled bat 500 times the increase in batted ball speed went up from 95.2 mph to 98.5 mph. So the answer is yes I will roll your Aluminum bats or alloy bats.


How Fast is your Turn Around?

Break in Service

Your bat will be broken in and shipped within 24 hours using the United States Postal Service or UPS (which usually takes about 1-5 days after it is shipped).  2 Day Shipping and Overnight Shipping is available.

Purchased Big Dawg Bats

1-3 Business Days

We also ship USPS or UPS, with 2 Day Shipping and Overnight available.


What Types of Bats do you Break in?

We do ABI (accelerated break in) on any kind of composite, aluminum, or alloy bat as long as there are no cracks on the bat.  We can break in baseball, fastpitch, and slowpitch bats.  None of these bats are a problem to service.


Is Bat Breakin going to effect the Cosmetics of my bat?

Bat Rolling/Heated Bat Rolling/ NBI(Natural Break In)/ BCT(Barrel Compression Technique):

Your bat will look the same as when it was sent in. In some cases the paint could flake on older bats.


Will my Bat(s) be Less Durable after Bat Break in?

The Break in processes takes 500-700 hits of life off your bat, but it will be

broken in consistently around the barrel. 

**BigDawg recommends using a rolled bat in temperatures above 65 degrees; most manufactures recommend the same.  The bat is not the problem it is the cold balls used.  Elastic properties of baseballs and softballs change significantly with temperature and humidity changes.


Do you Ship to FPO/APO addresses Priority?


Is Accelerated Bat Break in Techniques illegal?
Quick answer is Yes but we also use the ABI known as the NBI (Natural Break In) process which is legal bat in all associations. 
Will Accelearated Bat Break in Techniques invalidate the manufacturers' warranty?
YES. The manufacturers warranty will no longer be valid after bats have been rolled and/or shaved.
No manufacturers' warranty covers an altered bat, they cannot be return to the manufacturer. However our NBI service will not void the manufactures warranty.
Does BigDawg have a warranty on bats sold? 
If your Big Dawg bat breaks while using it under normal conditions within 60 days of purchase, BigDawg will exchange your bat if the break is concluded to be a result from our accelerated break in process. Also, if your bat is not performing the way you feel it should we can also re-break in your bat at no additional cost.

BigDawg Holidays Observed: (No Shipping on these days)

New Year's Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Day after Thanksgiving
Christmas Eve
New Year's Eve
USPS Priority Shipping Times 1-3 Days
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