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We can break in your used and new bats to achieve peak performance. BigDawg was the first company to realize the effectiveness of perpendicular followed by parallel rolling and all major companies have followed this lead. We use a state of the art inline electric bat rolling machine as well as a perpendicular/parallel machine. We have recently added NBI (Natural Break in) to our arsenal because of the ever changing composition of bats. The purpose of rolling perpendicular followed by parallel is to ensure every spot on the barrel has been broken in to its fullest; something we confidently state that it really works! We have worked on tens of thousands of bats and have seen every type of composite and alloy available. We guarantee satisfaction of your rolled bat or we will break it in again. We also will replace your bat if we break your bat in the break in process. We are a professionally ran company that recognizes quality and customer satisfaction are top priority!
Bat rolling is a process that quickly breaks in a bat. Breaking in a bat widens the sweetspot and is proven to increase the distance and mile per hour of the batted baseball, softball, or fast pitch softball. On average the increases are 20-40 feet and 2.6-5.2 mph to the batted ball. A composite bat has glue (resin) holding together fibers throughout the barrel. Normal usage of the bat will cause the glue holding the fibers together to break down and become more flexible. A normal range for a bat to become “broken in” would be around the 300-700 hit mark depending on the bat and conditions. We eliminate the time it takes to hit 300-500 balls with our processies; saving you valuable time and receive a complete break in of your bat.
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