2018 Miken 20th Anniversary Freak Balanced MF20BA

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Manufacturer: MIKEN
Model Number: MF20BA
Barrel Length: 14"
Swing Weight: Balanced
Shaving Specs (If ordered above)
  • The Miken Freak Balanced provides a balanced, four-piece ASA design, delivering a massive 14” double-barrel bat that crushes .52 COR ASA balls. Includes Miken’s Sensi-Flex handle, giving the player improved handle flex throughout the swing, increasing ball rebound on all hits.

    •  New bats are eligible for manufacturers warranty
  • Rolled bats come with a 90 Warranty
  • Shaved bats have no warranty
  • New bats ship same day when ordered before 3pm
  • Rolled bats ship within 1-3 business days
  • Shaved or ring removed bats ship within 2-4 days

  • Pop: 9.2
    Distance: 9.3
    Sweet Spot: 9.4
    Durability: 9.1
    Feel: 8.9
    Sound: 9.2

    2018 Miken 20th Anniversary Freak Balanced MF20BA Bat Review

    The Freak 20th anniversary ASA Balanced has a very balanced feel as you come to expect with the Miken 14 inch barrel. The sweet spot is nice and big and the ball responds nicely when hit. Durability seems to be what is expected from Miken and no big problems have been reported with normal use. These bats get hot after about 75-100 hits or a good bat rolling. Taking the tube out and bat shaving makes it into a show stopper.
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