Here at Bigdawg Bat Rolling we do not believe in writing our own testimonials, our Integrity won't allow it. Unfortunately, most companies still write their own testimonials. "You have my word that every testimonial comes from a genuine customer or inquiry."
Brock, Owner of BigDawgBatRolling.com
Hi Dawg,
Sent you another bat today will be receiving on wednesday (worth EST comp XXL) I was very happy with the work you did on my Demarini Omega. Unlike a few of your competitors, you were honest with your PSI reading and didn't give me some BS super low results . Keep up the good work!!!
-Thanks Eddie

Brock, It warmed up enough to hit and boy oh boy do those bats hit. I
just put my other two mikens and Easton blue flex in the mail to have
them rolled. You should see them sometime next week.

Thanks Guys for awesome service and workmanship. Will be doing more business with you.

Will I have these bats by Friday? Would be great if I can. Thanks again. The other hardball bats I received from you are great.. Thank you

I will say your bats have always held up very well. The only one that I had crack was the combat maxum -10 2 1/4 inch barrel. The mako xl I bought about a year ago is still going strong. The mako big barrel we bought a couple weeks ago is great as well.
-Thanks Kevin

No worries brother. I appreciate you letting me know, as well refunding the shipping. You're a class act.
Thanks again,
Shipped error


Well… this is the best bat I have ever used.
Just wanted to say thanks.
Ultra 2 Big Cat

The Superfreak you sent me is sick!! Easier to take balls out of the park than it is to keep in. Thanks
-Dallus O.
Rolled Super Freak

Finally last night I was able to use my new rolled Easton Salvo… Without any time to go out and get a feel for the bat my first time up I hit a frozen rope on the handle of the bat off the left center fence the bat had awesome POP even on a miss hit. I figured maybe I was just amped up to use the new bat, besides I have consistently hit solid line drives all season but none this HOT. Second at bat I drove a bomb with ease over left center 325Ft and it's been a while since I've done that. Thanks again Brock for a solid product this bat is hot.
-Big Mike
Rolled Easton Salvo

First I will say thank you for the bat I love it. My first swing last monday and I hit a line drive over the fence. I'm only 5'6 I'm not really a power hitter but it felt awesome. I will send you my other bat this week.
Thanks again
-Chris T. from above
New Rolled SRV3 27oz

 Hey Brock, Thanks for the extremely fast service man!! Didn't think I'd get the bat back within 3 days after shipping! I'll use your services again for my softball needs!
-Mo S.

Hey B .... Just got done doing my first 8 bats .... Took me a bit to do them right according to the "Bat Bible" but it's worth it to do them that way til I get to know the bats by model, it was the quickest 120$ I've made in a while... Thanks for a top notch machine and the guide.... This is gonna be a great lil cash cow for me and the family.... Peace Brother....
-Tim H.

These bats are phenomenal my mis-hits fall in as bloopers, my contact hits either go through hot or one bounce to the fence. When I get my stride and timing sorted, lookout, still got a little speed and this bat (s) give me another dimension. Thanks, over 60 player.
-Gary M.

Brock, Just got my bat back after rolling earlier this week and I have to say it has a ton more pop in it than before. Putting extra distance on the ball. You guys are awesome and definitely recommending big dawg to others.
-Anthony B.

Thanks so much for rolled bat.The bat is sick. More bats coming soon if you don’t mind. Thanks again Brock.
-David S.
2011 Easton Stealth Speed Bret Helmer

I shipped the bat to you this morning -(Saturday) via postal priority mail. I stuffed the receipt on the box under the tape behind the shipping label. This is the second bat Im having done by you, and loved the 1st Rocket-tech you did a couple of months ago. Your work to the bat honestly added another 20-25ft to the ball.
-Tim S.

Wow, first of all thanks a lot for your honesty. I have emailed a couple of companies and your the only one that has said that, its not a cheap bat and to waste it on only 100 hits well that's not a good investment. What bat would u recommend from ur experience?
Thanks again

Wanted to personally thank you for this guide. I was blown away on how informative it was. I purchased a couple others prior to finding your info on the net. Then once I read the knowledge you were giving out I had to give it a try. So glad I did since I've trashed the others and will be using yours to go by. In my work I'm obsessed with the knowledge and perfecting it and see you've done the same.
Anyway man, just thought I pass along my thanks and looking forward to using it.
BigDawg Bat Rolling Guide

Thanks for your excellent service! I got my bats back today and was dying to try them out. I went to my local field and was throwing them up to myself and was launching them over a 300ft. fence no problem. Seemed like every ball I hit was off the sweet-spot. I will definitely be giving you all my business. Thanks again!
-Chris L.

Thanks Brock, ha yeah just did some research on the net, you guys seemed like you knew what you were doing and trustworthy. Thanks for the update very professional.

Hey Brock its Bryan, just used the Worth Toxic bat today, SICK! First 2 at-bats hit 2 homers easily 375.
Thanks for the professionalism,
-Bryan C
Rolled Worth Toxic

I got the bats back and all I can say is WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! Thanks again!!
-Michael F.

Very pleased with the results! The bat is a bomb dropper now!
-Brett N. Cooper City, FL
Freak DST

The work is awesome, bat is very hot 1st 3 balls hit were out the park,thanks
-Ernie Z. Vista, CA

Happy Holidays to you and your family Brock,

Absolutely amazing that you were able to get the bat rolled and sent back so quickly especially during this busy season. Your service is outstanding and effort is greatly appreciated and I will make sure that people in my baseball/softball community know about BigDawg.
-David L.

Bat has awesome pop...Thanks alot!!!
-Kmatt37814 EBay
Rolled Baseball Bat

Some companies will just jump in and tell you rolling would be good for those bats. I believe rolling 30in bats or less is not that beneficial...we are talking 10-15 feet. The bats barrel is too small to give that much trampoline effect after rolling. Bats are able to be rolled and the durability does decrease but no more than hitting 500 balls. I always like to be straight with everyone...no matter if it turns away business.
Thanks and I would be happy to roll any bat you would like,

Thanks for your honesty!
-Scott M.

Thank you for the heads up on the bat. I dont want mess any up!
I sent pic of that Worth that popped at 1 1/2 turns perp with no parellel. Still hits great and is hot as hell but only sees BP now. Dont want that to ever happen again. I think I go a 1/4 turn maybe 3/8 if no poping on the Miken just to be safe. I dont want to buy anyones bats.
Thanks again!!! Man that Mv1 you told me how to roll has been smoking the ball since I rolled it and it has 800 hits now and still going strong. I am going to get a freak+ for back up this week, never hit a freak+ before...
-BatRollingForum.com User

The work you did on my 2 bats was excellent. They are hitting up a storm, the Easton Synergy ext/flex has been brought back to life and it's acting like it is nearly new, our team cannot believe how it is hitting again. That bat had over 3 years of play on it totaling around 100 games it unbelievable to see it hit this good again. The Worth Titan bat was new to us this year and was hitting terrible prior to you rolling it for us. The farthest the bat would hit was mid field. The weekend I got the bat back from you and it hit 2 home runs and pounded the fence line for the rest of the time. Thanks again for everything and I am working on sending you referrals, people can’t believe the difference.
Thank you
-Aaron C. Saginaw, MI

My first 2 hits were kinda upsetting because I hit the ball off the very end of the bat but to my surprise the 2nd ball I hit did bounce off the fence haha. We practice at a 20ft high fence at 285ft. The 3rd and 4th at bats the balls were easily in the 320-350ft range. I'm very pleased with the bat and will be doing business with you again in the future. I have a buddy of mine that’s getting ready to send you a bat or two or three. His name is Tony R. from PA I know he will be just as pleased as I am.
-Theodore K. Orange Park, FL
Rolled Miken Recoil 180 ASA

Sorry with school starting back up I got busy and forgot to give a little feedback. I couldn't ask for anymore, you did a great job. Thank You
-Bryson A.

Easton Reveal Blue
DM Ultimate Distance
Rolled Worth ASA M7 Mayhem Jeff Hall

We used them right away and I was impressed how well they hit. Now that they has some swings on them they are getting just right. I wil definitely be sending more business your way.
-Ryan M.

This bat is da bomb. Thanks!
-chewydog112768 Ebay

My son did get to use the bat and said it hits "frozen ropes". That would mean he likes... I think.
-Todd J. Lancaster, PA
Rolled Easton Synergy Baseball Bat 33in 30oz

Excellent work, for a better performance from your bat this is the man. A+.
-pwe18 Ebay

Bat really pops. Got so excited I pulled an oblique swinging BP on Friday. Team loves it.

-Sam H. Mentor, OH

I am very satisfied with your work and have been recommending you very highly to my teammates and other players.
-Bob H. Ashby MA

Only used the Mizuno so far, absolutely love it, best bat I have ever hit. Hit a ball farther than I think I have ever hit one in the second at bat. You all did a great job, thanks!
-Mike B. Roanoke, VA
OG Orange Crush
Synergy + 2008
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