What is the Top Shaved Baseball Bats in 2015?

Easton has always been top dog in baseball and this year did not disappoint. Their Mako line of bats have impressed everyone in the baseball community. The Torq’s handle is something never seen in baseball. If this handle feels right for you then this bat will not let you down. Both the Mako and the Torq have the new TCT composite which seems to flex just a little more than the older IMX composite. There is not enough feedback about the durability comparison between the 2 composites but both are great composite bats to shave. You will get the same performance out of a Mako as you would a Torq; the handle would be the deciding factor (which is a great idea).


Senior bats I like the Mako and XL1. They both have the extended barrels (although I believe the XL1 is a little longer). If you cannot swing a -8 or -5 then I would say the Mako or Torq is the bat. The CF7 is also a great bat when shaved with great distance gains. The only down fall is the feel of the bat is not as solid as the Eastons but some really like that.

Top shaved Senior bats 2 5/8 or 2 3/4 barrels

Top shaved Youth bats 2 1/4 barrels

Easton Torq YB15MKT and the Easton Mako YB15MK and YB15MKX. The TCT composite in the new Eastons take favorably to bat shaving. The handle is the “wow factor” for the Torq and the barrel delivers. The Mako seems to be the same bat with the same composite just not the same handle. Both bats are top choices for shaved youth bats.

Top shaved Bbcor bats

The Torq seems to be the front runner here although the price is very high. Feedback is good and players like the rotating handle. The new TCT compsite works very well with bat shaving. The feel is a little more endloaded with the Torq than with the rest of the Eastons. The Mako, X1, and S1 will all hit just as far as the Torq it comes down to what feels best in the players hands and people like the Torq.
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