What are the advantages to endloading?

 Normally it would be redistributed into the handle, barrel and/or endcap. Power hitters tend to like the end loaded bats because of the increased swing speeds it can generate. A player who prefers a balanced bat for control sometimes has trouble adjusting to the different swing pattern and added weight. Most companies use their epoxy material to add weight to the endcap, such as Miken, Worth, and Demarini. Easton has a gooey clear substance that is used with steel ball bearings (just a little smaller than your standard BBs). Combat is the most odd as they used their epoxy and nuts…yes nuts, as in nuts and bolts. I thought the bat had been worked on already the first time I saw it. We use a special epoxy just for endloading and sometimes we use small ball bearings to weight the end cap. No matter what is used the end result is the same; more swing speed which equates to better pop and longer distances on your shaved and rolled bats.
Endloading a bat increases distance
The bar chart above illustrates the batted ball speeds measured for 4 bats (single wall alloy, wood, composite, and double wall aluminum) before and after the moment of inertia (MOI) had been increased by 20%. The rise in moment of inertia was acheived by placing weight to the end of the barrel. In all four bats, the increase in MOI resulted in a rise in batted ball speed, by about 3 mph.
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End loading is a service we provide to a shaved bat that adds extra weight to the end of the bat. This extra weight will change the MOI of the bat and increase the batted ball speeds 2-3 mph (which equates to 15-23 ft of extra distance). Some baseball and fast pitch bats will come with a small end load while slow pitch bats sometimes have end loads as much as 4 ounces. The weight that is taken out of the barrel from shaving can be replaced into the endcap.
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