What is Bat Shaving?

Bat shaving is the process of removing material from the barrel using a CNC Lathe. The cap must be first expertly removed. This part of the process is probably the most important procedure because the cap is a vocal point when doctoring a bat and it needs to be done right. After the end cap is off the bat is placed on a lathe and the operator programs it to widen the barrel (or remove material).
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This decrease of material from the barrel allows for more flex in the barrel. The more flex the more exit velocity speeds; which equates to more distance to the batted ball. The distance increases are around 30-60 feet depending on factors such as barrel length and type of bat: baseball, fastpitch, softball, etc,. The sweet spot will also widen and can be as much as a 40% increase.
The bat will become less durable after bat shaving because of the decreased wall depth. In most casesbat shaving will cause the bat to go past the standards set in place by associations. For example, the USSSA allows for a 1.20 BPF or 220 as tested on a USSSA compression tester. Bat shaving service will normally decrease that PSI below the allowable limits. After the bat has been shaved the cap is secured back onto the end of the barrel. Most bat doctors like to put an end load at the end of the barrel of a rolled and shaved bat to further increase the batted ball speed. The last step in for a shaved bat is to secure the end cap back on with some flexible epoxy and let set for the night. And this is what shaving a softball bat is all about.