What are the 2018 USA Baseball Youth Bat Standards?

Effective January 1st, 2018 USA Baseball will be implementing a bat rule change that will effective its associates. USA Baseball was started in 1978, and is the principal organization for amateur baseball in the United States of America.


List of USA Baseball member organizations:

    Amateur Athletic Union (AAU)

    American Amateur Baseball Congress (AABC)

   American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA)

    American Legion Baseball

    Babe Ruth Baseball

   Baseball Players Association (BPA)

    Dixie Baseball

    Little League Baseball

    National Amateur Baseball Federation

    National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA)

    National Assoc. of Police Athletic Leagues

    National Baseball Congress (NBC)

    National Club Baseball Association (NCBA)

    National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)

    National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS)

    National High School Baseball Coaches Assoc.

    National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA)

    PONY Baseball


    United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA)

    World Baseball Classic (WBC)

    YMCAs of the USA


How exactly does the rule effect baseball bats?

The purpose was to make little league bats perform as a wood bat would perform. The exit velocity of the ball will be decreased significantly with this new standard. In a laymen’s terms, bats will be manufactured “less hot”.


Does this change effect all divisions of Little League Baseball?

It will not effect all of Little League.  Tee Ball, Minor Division, Major Division, Intermediate (50/70) Baseball, and the Junior Baseball across the country will apply the 2018 USA Bat Standard. The Senior League Baseball Division in all regions and countries will continue to be governed by the BBCOR bat standard.


Will there be a new USA Bat standard for softball bats?

No, only baseball bats will be effected.


How will you know if a bat is legal for play in 2018?

The bats will display the USA Baseball logo pictured below.


Will this standard effect Little League T-Ball?

Yes, All bats must be stamped with the USA Baseball stamp for use on January 1st,2018 and beyond.


Although, there will be a USA Baseball Tee Ball sticker program for all bats that are non USA Baseball stamped bats. Here is the information on the Tee Ball sticker program.



What are the key parts of the 2018 Baseball Bat Standard?

-Goes into effective January 1st, 2018

- Every association in USA Baseball is adopting the USA Bat Standard. However, the USSSA will still allow 1.15bpf bats in league and tournament play along with USA Baseball stamped bats.

-The bat will need to have a USA Baseball stamp in order to be legal for play. Pictured below


- The barrel size of the new USA Bat Standard will be 2 1/4 and 2 5/8 ? contrary to rumors of moving to big barrel bats only.

-New stamped bats will be available for sale by September 1st, 2017.






usa baseball standards

2018 USA Baseball Bat Standard LOGO

what are the 2018 usa baseball standards? pros_and_cons_of_bat_rolling_techniques.png the_popular_and_shady_side.png
The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) will not be adopting the 2018 USA Bat Standard
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