How to replace a baseball bat knob: Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1- remove old knob off bat if it is not already broken all the way off and remove the cotter pin with a hole punch or a similar tool.

Step 2- With a 5/8” drill bit (or with a tool that will create the desired result) drill out (remove) the existing knob.

[*Tip- you can drill a smaller hole before attempting to drill the 5/8” hole]

Make sure all material from the walls of the handle are removed and try not to drill the walls of the handle. If excess material is left on the walls the knob will not seat. There will be a small amount of material towards the end weight that does not have to be removed (see last pic below).

Step 3- Make sure the knob seats fully into the handle hole (This is a check so you do not have an issue later). You might have to cut the knob stem if it hits the handle weight. Prepare the handle by covering the cotter pin holes with tape around the bat (Pic#1). You can also smooth the open with sand paper or a grinder to slightly remove the edge on the opening of the handle (pic#3).

Step 4- Epoxy the knob (JB Weld 50112 Clear Weld Quick Setting Epoxy 25 ML or similar epoxy) into the handle. Mix the epoxy and coat both the knob and the inner walls of the handle. Place the knob all the way into the handle until fully seated (see Pic in prior step). It is possible you will have to clamp (secure in place) the knob onto the bat. There could be excess epoxy that can be wiped away from the top of the knob. The epoxy sets in about 5 minutes so keep that in mind.

Step 5- After drying about 20min-1hour you will be able to put the cotter pin back into the bat handle. Drill out the hole using a 1/8” drill bit. Hammer the cotter pin back into the hole and put on the knob cuff and wrap cuff with black electric tape and knob repair is complete.

The bat I am working on is a Demarini Voodoo but the same techniques are used for bats with a male stem type knob. As long as the handle is hollow (which most are) this fix will work (including Slow pitch bats and Fastpitch bats).