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Bat Shaving Service

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*Sound Dampening and Ring Removal Included

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    Unlock unparalleled power and redefine the limits of your game with our expert bat shaving services.

How to Order

1. Choose how many bats you would like serviced.

2. Choose the level of shaving and the turnaround time.

3. Click the "add to cart" button and under the "Order Special Instructions" tell us the Year, Make, and Model of your bat(s) (this will ensure the correct bat is sent back) then finish checking out.

4.Box your bat up and ship it to us (Email with address is sent immediately after purchase). Put your name and service inside the box.

5. We complete your bat shaving service and ship back within 3-5 days.

How Rush Service Works

Detailed Explanation of Bat Shaving Levels

*We DO NOT shave alloy bats.

**If you are unsure we can shave your bat please email us first

Every order comes with Before and After Compression numbers.


Maximized Performance: Experience 30ft-60ft distance as we optimize the bat's distance and batted ball speed Improved Sweet Spot: Our bat shaving process expands the sweet spot, ensuring more consistent and powerful hits.

Increased Bat Speed: An additional 2-3 mph of bat speed is achieved by end loading your bat which increases the MOI by 20% (1mph of bat speed = 6ft of distance)

Personalized Experience: Specific levels of bat shaving as a way for players to personalize their equipment, optimizing it for their specific needs and preferences.

Bat shaving increases distance and pop

Bat Shaving

Bat Shaving is a service that will add 30-60ft to the distance of a batted ball. The inside material of the bat's walls is shaved away making the wall thinner. A thinner wall will create more flex and launch a softball or baseball much farther. It also increases the sweet spot by 40%. Altering the bat in this manner renders the association stamps void because the bat surpasses the batted ball mph standard limit. A shaved bat is great as a confidence builder or Homerun derby bat.

bat shaving distance gains graph

Bat Shaving Levels

Normal Spec
A consistent shave balancing
durability and distance.

Aggressive Spec
A little more of an aggressive shave which sacrifices some durability.

BigDawg MAX
Most extreme shave while sacrificing durability. Bats cannot be used in weather below 75 degrees.

A 75% shave for those just looking for an little extra distance and larger sweet spot.

How long does bat shaving take?

Bat Shaving service will take about 3-5 days to complete and ship out.

 A Shaved Bat will take about 3-5 days to ship out.

What kind of bats do you shave?

Email us and we will give you an answer to that question because some bats just cannot be shaved and we do not want you to send in a bat we cannot modify. Other bat shaving companies will say they can shave all types of bats but in some cases, you will get back an unshaven bat claiming to be shaved. We do not shave Aluminum or Alloy Bats nor should they be shaved.

Will my bat(s) be less durable after shaving?

Bat shaving takes out material from the inner walls of the bat, so the answer is yes. It is hard to gauge exactly how much life is taken out of the bat but based on experience it is around 50% with a normal shave and that number goes up as the aggression of the shave goes up (assuming the bat is used in normal conditions).

**BigDawg recommends using a rolled or shaved bat in temperatures above 65 degrees; most manufacturers recommend the same. The bat is not the problem it is the cold balls used. Elastic properties of baseballs and softballs change significantly with temperature and humidity changes.

Is bat shaving illegal?

These bats will not be legal for use in any organized association once rolled and/or shaved. Any association including but not limited to; ASA, USSSA, ISF, ISA, NSA, SSUSA, Dixie League baseball, Pony Baseball, Babe Ruth Baseball, Little League, AABC , Official Baseball, Bbcor, BESR, etc., should only be used as Homerun Derby bats and building confidence while hitting in a controlled practice area for safety.

Will bat shaving void my bat’s warranty?

The manufacturer’s warranty will no longer be valid after the bats have been shaved. No bat manufacturer will warranty a shaved bat.

Will my bat weigh less after shaving?

No, we reweight all bats we shave unless otherwise specified by the customer. We normally put most of the weight back into the end load because it has been proven that an end load will increase bat speed.

What is polymer coating for?

The coating transfuses into the fibers and seals the recently shaved bare layer of composite with a rubber-type coating. This polymer gives strength to the barrel to reduce the occurrence of composite degradation, which helps lessen composite rattles.

Is it OK to use my bats in cold weather?

No, Cold weather and cold balls will destroy a shaved composite bat. The balls become denser as the temperature drops. The balls will travel farther but the dense balls will also cause the bat to flex more and increase the chance of cracking exponentially.