Bat rolling a bat has been proven to add 20-40 ft to a batted ball; it will also widen the sweet spot up to 20%. A bat rolling machine will break up the composite material within the barrel of the bat by adding pressure while rolling. A bat is placed in between the rollers, the top rollers are torqued down, and the side handle rotates the bottom roller and bat. As the rollers spin they place pressure all the way around the barrel. This constant pressure and rotation breaks down the composite fibers causing a trampoline effect when a ball strikes the barrel. And now you have a hot bat ready for maximum performance.

Bat Rolling

Bat Rolling Process

In the early years of rolled bats there was only one way to roll; perpendicular followed by parallel. But now rolling a bat is not the only process used to break in a bat; Every bat manufacturer uses a unique composite material that requires special attention. One or two heat rolls does not produce the magic maximum break in as some would have you believe. Here at Big Dawg we utilize the entire arsenal of accelerated break in techniques for the Hottest bat in the business. With 16 years of bat rolling experience and 13 years in the bat rolling industry, we have mastered each break in technique.

-Basic bat rolling machine- perpendicular rolling followed by parallel (an industry standard we pioneered).
-Basic bat rolling machine with upgraded rigid rollers installed- some bats need a harder material to complete the break-in process, i.e., Bbcor.
-Electric bat rolling machine- allows for a more extensive parallel roll.
-NBI Natural break-in- Some outer shells cannot handle the elongated pressure points of a 6-inch roller.
-Heated bat rolling- Heat helps the outer shell flex more on some composites. Multiple heatings (followed by rolling) and coolings can also break up inner composite layers on some bats. We utilize a digital thermostat bat oven and a laser temperature gun to accurately heat our bats (not a heat gun like our competitors).
-BCT Barrel Compression Technique- Some bats need extreme pressure that bat rolling alone cannot offer in order to break up the composite.

Here at Big Dawg we are rolling bats using multiple methods for the most extreme break in available. We are the only company that takes this approach with their bat rolling service; this is why Big Dawg is considered THE BAT ROLLING AUTHORITY™.

Bat Compression Testing

Bats are compression tested on our certified G4 SSL Bat Tester before our services and after. Here at Big Dawg we were the first to compression test and send detailed results with each bat. We feel it gives a tangible number for the work we have put into the bats. It also helps us gauge the amount of work we have to put in to get the most complete break in.
Where can I get my bat rolled Bat Rolling AND bat shaving results bat roller

Why Should I go with Big Dawg Bats

I have been playing softball and baseball for over 30 years now and I understand the game and the equipment. The passion I have for the game will go into the services I offer for your bat. I continually conduct research in order to stay current with bat manufactures, doctoring techniques and associations' rules and regulations.

Do you do roll Aluminum Bats?

No, bat rolling DOES NOT help alloy bats, and I cannot recommend rolling them knowing the compression numbers do not move or my extensive experience hitting rolled metal bats. Saying bat rolling helps alloy bats is one of the biggest LIES in the bat rolling industry and should be seen as highly dishonest.

How Fast is your Turn Around?

Your bat will be rolled and shipped within 24 hours using the United States Postal Service or UPS (which usually takes about 1-5 days after it is shipped). 2 Day Shipping and Overnight Shipping is available.

What Types of Bats do you Break in?

We offer baseball bat rolling service, softball bat rolling service, and fast pitch bat rolling service. We can roll any type of bat.

Is Bat Rolling going to effect the Cosmetics of my bat?

Your bat will look the same as when it was sent in. In some rare cases older bats will flake paint unfortunately this is unavoidable.

Will my Bat(s) be Less Durable after Bat Break in?

The break in processes takes about 500 hits of life off your bat, but it will be broken in consistently around the barrel.

Is Bat Rolling illegal?

Quick answer is Yes but we can also use the NBI (Natural Break In) process if you would like a legal bat. Bat rolled bats will not be legal for use in any organized association once rolled.

Will Bat Rolling invalidate the manufacturers' warranty?

YES. The manufacturers warranty will no longer be valid after bats have been used in any other way besides hitting balls.
Not one manufacturers' warranty covers an altered bat, they cannot be return to the manufacturer. However our NBI service will not void the manufactures warranty.
GROUND Shipping Times
Shipping Costs
Ground/Priority $10-$20
2 Day Shipping $25-$50
Next Day Air $50-$120
(Next Day Air does not delivery on Saturdays)
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I am not the only one saying bat rolling does not help alloy bats- click here
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