What is a Bat Restrictor Ring?

A Bat Restrictor Ring, also known as an inner disc, restriction ring, or BBCOR ring, is a component placed inside a baseball bat's barrel, typically positioned at the sweet spot. The primary purpose of these rings is to limit the bat's flexibility, preventing it from flexing beyond the point allowed for certification. While they are more common in BBCOR baseball bats, some men's slow pitch ASA bats also incorporate these rings.

Notable brands such as Rawlings, DeMarini, Louisville Slugger, Easton, and Waristic feature bats with BBCOR and USA certifications that may include restrictor rings. These rings can be found in both alloy and composite bats, although not every model within these brands necessarily incorporates them. For example, the Rawlings Clout alloy bat is one exception, as it achieves the desired thickness during manufacturing without the need for a separate restrictor ring.

Similarly, the Marucci Cat X Connect is an alloy bat that avoids using a restrictor ring, with the claim that it prevents the creation of dead spots in the barrel. On the other hand, the Easton Line of BBCOR and USA composite bats stands out as the only composite bats without restrictor rings, distinguishing them from their counterparts.restrictor ring

In the realm of men's USA/ASA slow pitch bats, Worth and Mike are prominent brands featuring bats with these rings, particularly in models released from 2016 onwards. In these bats, the "ring" is essentially a second barrel inside the primary barrel, connected to the end cap by a composite tube and affixed in place with glue.Miken restrictor ring

Monsta and Anarchy men's USA/ASA bats take a unique approach with an inner tube inside the barrel, coining the term "FIB" or "floating inner barrel." This design incorporates foam to secure the inner tube.

BBCOR Louisville Slugger bats implement inner rings made of thick composite material, intricately integrated into the bat's composite structure. In this design, the ring is positioned in the middle of the bat, with a layer of composite running down the barrel to secure the ring, essentially making it an integral part of the barrel.

DeMarini BBCOR composite and alloy bats also feature a metal restrictor ring inside the barrel, further showcasing the varied approaches manufacturers take in optimizing bat performance and compliance with certification standards.

restrictor ring

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