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2022 Easton Ghost Advanced -10 Dual Stamp Fastpitch Softball Bat FP22GHAD10

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    How to Order

    1. Choose the options you would like.
    2. Click the "add to cart" button and finish checking out.
    3. We complete your bat with service requested and ship it out.

    -Shaved or Rolled Bats have no warranty and are illegal for use in any sanctioned event.
    -Rolled Bats Ship out in 2-3 Days
    -Shaved Bats Ship out in 3-5 Days

    Bat Shaving Levels
    Minimal Spec- 75% of a normal shave.
    Normal Spec- A consistent shave balancing durability and distance.
    Aggressive Spec- A little more of an aggressive shave which sacrifices some durability.
    BigDawg MAX- Most extreme Shave sacrificing durability. Do Not use in temps below 75 degrees.


    • Patented Double Barrel 2 Design – Second-generation Double Barrel construction combines a lighter inner barrel with a stronger outer barrel, creating the lowest compression in the game for more barrel flex and even higher performance
    • NEW Sonic CompTM Max  – Easton’s highest-performing, even more durable composite, resulting in maximum performance with the lowest barrel compression and iconic sound heard across all fields
    • Power Boost™ “Soft Knob” Technology – Provides hitters more leverage and power potential, while reducing vibration and improving comfort for the bottom hand
    • Two-piece ConneXion Evolution™ separates the handle from the barrel with the perfect amount of forgiveness, eliminating all vibration and creating the best-feeling, two-piece bat Easton has ever made
    • Ultra-thin 29/32" handle with 1.8mm cushioned grip
    • HyperSpeed Technology: Experience an explosive burst of speed with our groundbreaking technology, challenging the limits of physics to redefine velocity and elevate your game to new heights.

    • AeroDynamics Mastery: Master the art of aerodynamics as our bats effortlessly slice through the air, providing an unparalleled swing experience that allows you to navigate through even the toughest pitches with ease.

    • Quantum Flex Composite: Step into the future with our Quantum Flex Composite, a material that seamlessly blends flexibility and durability, giving you the confidence to face any pitching challenge with the assurance of top-tier performance.

    • Inferno Impact Zone: Unleash the power of an erupting volcano with our Inferno Impact Zone, creating a sweet spot that transforms every hit into a powerful burst of energy, sending your hits soaring to new heights.

    • StealthGrip Handle: Enjoy the perfect combination of comfort and control with our StealthGrip Handle. Designed for a discreet yet effective hold, this handle allows you to feel connected to the bat, providing the edge you need in every swing.

    The 2023 Easton Unlimited Fastpitch Bats bring together cutting-edge technologies to redefine the game. Dominate the diamond with confidence, as you wield a bat that transcends expectations and sets a new standard for fastpitch excellence. The future of your game starts here – unleash the unlimited potential of your performance!

    Remember, these bullet points are entirely fictional and created for entertainment purposes.