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Glove Conditioner- Half Gallon/ 1.89 L

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    1. Softens and Renews: Our advanced formula is designed to deeply penetrate leather fibers, softening and renewing your sports glove for a buttery-smooth feel.

    2. Speeds Break-in Process: Say goodbye to the long break-in period! The Glove Conditioner accelerates the break-in process by conditioning the leather, ensuring optimal performance from the get-go.

    3. Protects Against Cracking: Shield your investment! Our conditioner forms a protective barrier, guarding your glove against cracking and premature aging, extending its lifespan.

    4. Finest Oils for Strength and Flexibility: Crafted with the highest-quality oils, our conditioner keeps your glove strong and flexible, maintaining its shape and performance over time.

    5. Formulated for The Original Glove Steamers: Experience synergy! Glove Conditioner is specifically formulated for use with The Original Glove Steamers, providing a comprehensive care routine for your equipment.