Shaved Slow Pitch Bats

A BigDawg shaved bat will hit 30-60ft farther than a new out of the wrapper bat. Our bats are purchased first then taken out of the wrapper and are prepared for bat shaving (once out of the wrapper bats are not considered new at this point). The cap carefully comes off and then the inner wall of the bat is shaved down to thin the wall. The thinner wall will create a trampoline effect that launches the ball 30-60ft farther. These bats are not to be used in sanctioned baseball or softball associations because of the massive increase in distance achieved. The MPH exceeds any certification marks located on the bats.
*No Warranty on any shaved bat
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Slow Pitch Rolled or Custom Shaved Bats for Sale

Rolled Slow Pitch Bats

All Rolled bats are put through our Ultimate Break in Service. Depending on the bat we could Bat Roll, Heat roll, perpendicular roll, Parallel roll, NBI (Natural Break In process), or any of the above in combination. The goal is to output the most completely broken in bat available. And with our years of experience that is what goes out the door everyday and into your hands to swing for the fences. Our Rolled baseball bats also comes with a 90 breakage guarantee, the longest in the industry.
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Bat Rolling Guarantee
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