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BIGDAWG Xtreme Fusion
"The BigDawg Xtreme is the best machine, hands down...it's the Bentley of bat rolling machines."
Product Description

Xtreme Fusion Bat Rolling Machine:
    The Big Dawg Xtreme Fusion was created for the professional bat roller, who will only accept the best of the best.
We have incorporated all of the best features of the Xtreme and Pro-X and added some great new ones.
This machine now has 1/2 steel tops, thicker guides, upgraded bearings, bell shaped side openings for more bat clearance as well as higher grade and better gripping plastic.

Let there be no doubt this is the greatest machine we have ever built It is Built Panther Tuff
We no longer even run a comparison chart to other manufactures machines. We are the best and have the best machines and the industry knows it, we know it and last but not least the professional bat rollers know it that is why the use our machines exclusively.
A simple search proves this out.
Trade Secret Proprietary Plastics Being Used in the Rollers
Easy and Smooth Rolling Through-out Rolling Process
Anti slippage and Anti Marring
Roller Bearings and Thrust Bearing System
Heavy steel welded construction
Lifetime Warranty
Extreme tight tolerances

The Big Dawg Xtreme Fusion is the finest machine on the market. This machine is for those who demand the best.
At the heart of this machine is the proprietary plastics we are using in the rollers. The trade secret in the plastics along with its superior quality and our customer service is what sets the Xtreme Fusion apart.

The Fusion grips and protects your expensive bats like no other bat rolling machine available. The (trade secret) hardness and flexibility and recall memory of the rollers puts the Fusion in a class of its own.

The Xtreme Fusion is the only duo-core machine on the market. Others are claiming duo-core plastic but not using it. Others make a lot of claims about us but then everyone always tries to be like the best

Other manufactures are using much less expensive plastics such as Polyurethane 75D, Nylon and or Delrin This helps them save money in production. The problem is they also can and will mark the bats when rolled. They simply are too hard but are extremely cost effective. They can even be cast in-house.

Big Dawg Machines refuses to cut corners in this or any other areas of construction, expense and or manufacturing.
Our Duo-Core Proprietary Plastic cannot be cast in house We have spent years in developing this product with a huge plastic company we have been working with for 10 years. Once the plastic is cast it has to be fused together and then machined and then fused to our shafts this fusion effect gives the roller strength of a solid 2 inch rod on the top rollers and a 2 1/2 rod on the bottom. But it also gives the protection you need on the bats and rolls them better then any machine.
All of the top bat rollers in the country are using either our older Xtreme or our Pro-X
The Xtreme Fusion is even a better machine than either of these.

We know the Xtreme Fusion is the most expensive machine on the market. The cost of the materials and construction dictates that. We also know the protection of $300 and $400 bats warrants a machine such as The Panther Xtreme Fusion

Cutting edge technology allows you to roll your composite bats two different ways. Parallel and or perpendicular.
Roller Bearing and Thrust Bearing systems
Tri-rollers with 6? rolling capacity for optimal break-in of composite bats.
Precision Machined Rollers.
Improved larger side side openings allow you to roll the big barrel and 2 bats with ease.
Self leveling top roller assembly ensures even pressure across the sweet spot of the bat.
Notched sides on the top roller assembly allow you to insert your $350 bats without fear of nicking them.
The base of the Fusion has 4 drilled holes for securing to a permanent base or you can use clamps.
Ergonomically correct handles have been used on the this bat rolling machine.

We back up the Big Dawg Xtreme Fusion Bat Rolling Machine with a industry leading lifetime warranty
This machine is not for everyone, we know that but if you demand the best of the best, then the Big Dawg Xtreme Fusion is the machine for you.
BigDawg Xtreme Fusion
bigdawg_batrolling025008.jpg bigdawg_batrolling025007.jpg bigdawg_batrolling025006.jpg bigdawg_batrolling025005.jpg
The BigDawg Xtreme Fusion Bat Rolling Machine
10 Years in the Making

We have spent 10 years developing this machine. Our machines have been put to the test.
Panther Machines has rolled thousands and thousands of bats. Any time we noticed or were presented with an issue or a problem it was back to the drawing board. Then end result The Panther Xtreme Fusion

    *Welded Steel Construction Built Panther Tuff!
    *Proprietary Plastics Used in Rollers
    *Lifetime Warranty.
    *Industries Best Customer Service
*Guides comes with Free BigDawg Technical Support
*Guides also comes with Free How to Roll Video
Purchase Bat Rolling Guide with Xtreme for Only $30...Savings of $20!
 A Must for Serious Bat Rollers!
"Wanted to personally thank you for this guide. I was blown away on how informative it was. I purchased a couple others prior to finding your info on the net. Then once I read the knowledge you were giving out I had to give it a try. So glad I did since I've trashed the others and will be using yours to go by. In my work I'm obsessed with the knowledge and perfecting it and see you've done the same. Anyway man, just thought I pass along my thanks and looking forward to using it."
BigDawg Bat Rolling Guide
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