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End Cap Replacements

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    How to Order

    1. If needed email us to see if we have your style end cap

    2. Choose the options you would like.

    3. Click the "add to cart" button and under the "Order Special Instructions" tell us the Year, Make, and Model of your bat(s) then finish checking out.

    4. Box your bat up and ship it to us (Email with address is sent immediately after purchase). Put your name and service inside the box.

    5. We complete your bat service and ship back within 3-5 days.


    Bring Your Bat Back to Life with Our Baseball, Softball, and Fast Pitch End Cap Replacement Service!

    endcap replacemnt for baseball softball and fastpitch bats

    If you do not see your end cap please email us to confirm the availability of your specific cap style. In cases where your exact cap isn't in stock, rest assured, we can still provide a suitable replacement. Our process involves meticulous cap removal, followed by thorough sanding and cleaning to eliminate any excess material from the barrel. This meticulous preparation ensures optimal adhesion of the epoxy to both the cap and inner barrel wall. The new cap is then expertly secured in its original position using a flexible and robust epoxy. Expect completion of this service within approximately 3-5 days for a bat that's ready to hit the field with renewed bat end cap replacement


    🔧 Premium End Caps:

    • Crafted from premium-grade materials, our end caps are engineered for superior strength and enduring performance.

    🛡️ 1-Year Guarantee:

    • Experience worry-free gameplay with our 1-year warranty, a testament to the quality and durability of our end caps.

    🔄 Color Variety:

    • We also have a variety of 2 color, non fading, UV resistant end caps.

    🔒 Secure Attachment:

    • Our end caps guarantee a secure and reliable attachment, providing confidence in every swing.

    🏆 Optimized Performance:

    • Elevate your game with end caps engineered to enhance the overall performance of your baseball, softball, or fast pitch gear.

    By availing this service, it's important to note that it may void the warranty provided by bat manufacturers, as per their warranty guidelines. Modifying a bat can result in its classification as illegal in many associations. Additionally, please be aware that end caps are considered used and are suitable for the specific types of bats listed (provided for fitment purposes only).

    -Anderson end caps
    -Anarchy end caps
    -AXE end caps
    -Cellblock end caps
    -Combat end caps
    -Demarini end caps
    -Dirty South end caps
    -Dudley end caps
    -Easton end caps
    -Juno end caps
    -Louisville Slugger end caps
    -Marucci end caps 
    -Miken end caps
    -Mizuno end caps
    -Monsta end caps
    -Onyx end caps
    -Proton end caps
    -Pure end caps
    -Rawlings end caps
    -Reebok end caps
    -Suncoast end caps 
    -Waristic end caps
    -Worth end caps
    -Baseball end caps
    -Fast Pitch end caps
    -Softball end caps