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The Popular and Shady Side of Bat Performance: Shaving and Rolling

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How to Shave a Softball Bat or a Baseball Bat: Bat Shaving 101

-Certified Compression Tested Results

-Ultimate Bat Break in

-11 Years of BigDawg Experience

-24 Hour Turn Around Time

-Broken Bat Gurantee

The Most Complete Break in Available!

Certified Compression Tested Results

In order to insure your bats have been broken in to their fullest potential BigDawg compression tests each bat. A before and after reading is also given as verified results. This is another first in the industry by BigDawg.

Broken Bat Guarantee

If we break your bat in the rolling process BigDawg will replace your bat.
Here at Big Dawg we are able to utilize the entire arsenal of accelerated break in techniques for the most complete Game Ready bat. We have mastered each one of these techniques: Heated, Perpendicular, Parallel, EMP rolling (Electric Machine Progression rolling) and NBI (Natural Break in). Our system and extensive knowledge of Accelerated break in has made us the premier Bat Break in Authority in the world.
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