Glove Steaming Service

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Glove Steamers

There are 2 types of glove steamers a GS1000 and a GS 2000. Steam helps in the break in process by opening up the pores of the glove and will not dry out the leather as a oven or a microwave will. The steamers come with certain features to aid in the break in process. The GS1000 has a larger capacity for steaming 2 gloves at a time. the GS2000 Glove Steamer has an automatic shutoff valve if the water goes below safe operating parameters. Both have a easy access drain spout and a temperature regulator.

Game Ready Gloves

There is a large selection of baseball and softball gloves that are already broken in using the glove steaming process. There are catcher's mitts, first baseman's mitts, softball, fast pitch and baseball gloves; ranging from 11 to 15 inches in size.

Glove Steaming Service

2 Services are available: standard and Ultimate break in. The glove is sprayed with a pre-conditioner that soaks into the leather as the pores open up. The glove is then brought through a process of strategic strikes on the gloves hinges point for ease of use. This process is repeated until the glove is broken in. A special formulated glove cream is then applied to the glove to further break it in and protect the glove from the elements.
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