IMPORTANT- Make and Model Bat?
What is the length and weight?
1- If your bat manufacturer is not listed below email us to see if we can replace your knob
2- Pay for the Knob Service
3- Send the bat (REMOVE THE GRIP) to the address provided automatically after payment
4- We will fix and replace your knob and return your bat in 3-5 business days
*if there is a prior fix with a screw in the handle there will be an extra $20 labor cost
If the Male Stem on the knob is broke you will need a replacement knob. The replacement knob may not be the exact type of knob but will function as the original.
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Demarini Replacement knobs
Miken Replacement knobs
Worth Replacement knobs
Marucci Replacement knobs
Rawlings Replacement knobs
Easton Replacement knobs
Louisville Replacement Slugger Replacement knobs
Anarchy Replacement knobs
Suncoast Replacement knobs
Melee Replacement knobs
Dudley Replacement knobs

1 year Knob replacement warranty

Softball and Baseball Bat Knob Replacement

 Is your bat broken and sitting in an old bag in the garage? Well, do you need a replacement bat knob? It seems some bats are more susceptible to breaking. I have seen many Demarini Voodoo and The Goods bats needing a replacement knob; I believe it results from weighting in the baseball bat knob and inferior plastics. Most other knobs are not weighted like a Demarini Bbcor, such as Marucci, but Marucci bat knobs also seem to have an issue. I also see Miken and Worth softball bat knobs break. There are a lot of bats that do not have this problem; I rarely see Easton or Louisville Slugger bat knobs break, but they also can be replaced.

We remove the broken knob, if necessary, and replace the knob with a replica knob made of highly durable material. The process typically takes 3-5 days to complete, but there is an option to complete the service within one day of receiving (the needs to arrive before noon est for next day shipping). We also can sell and ship the knob to you for a self-install, although I recommend that we install the knob for a secure fit. Our service and replacement come with a one-year warranty; knob only purchase Also comes with a 1-year warranty and might require modification for installation. Only for use in temperatures above 65 degrees. Altering a bat renders a bat illegal in most associations
*Knobs are not original manufacturer end knobs. Knobs are aftermarket that fit the following type of bats (list for fit only).
IMPORTANT- Make and Model Bat?
What is the length and weight?
KNOB ONLY- Shipped to you in 1-3 days