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Short Porch Cellblock Lunchbox 14" Loaded SSUSA Slowpitch Softball Bat .5oz end loadedModel CB-LB

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    -Shaved or Rolled Bats have no warranty and are illegal for use in any sanctioned event.
    -Rolled Bats Ship out in 2-3 Days
    -Shaved Bats Ship out in 3-5 Days

    Every order comes with Before and After Compression numbers.

    How Rush Service Works

    Bat Shaving Levels
    Minimal Spec- 75% of a normal shave.
    Normal Spec- A consistent shave balancing durability and distance.
    Aggressive Spec- A little more of an aggressive shave which sacrifices some durability.
    BigDawg MAX- Most extreme Shave sacrificing durability. Do Not use in temps below 75 degrees.


    Introducing the all-new Short Porch Cellblock Lunchbox Edition SSUSA Senior Softball Slowpitch Bat, designed to satisfy your hunger for power and performance on the field!

    Lunchbox Edition Highlights:

    • Impressive Size: Featuring a massive 14-inch one-piece platform, providing an extended sweet spot for maximum hitting power.
    • Handle Dynamics: Crafted with an ultra-thin, lightweight handle and a small knob designed to amplify power and increase bat speed. The handle's unique design, separate from the barrel, ensures optimized feel and performance.
    • ZOC Composite: Utilizing ZOC composite technology, we manipulate carbon fiber on a molecular level, delivering unrivaled performance while adhering to industry standards and safety regulations.
    • Turn Key End Cap: Equipped with a Turn Key end cap, securing the final product for the ultimate in performance and durability.

    Product Specifications:

    • Barrel Length: A substantial 14 inches, providing ample hitting surface.
    • Barrel Diameter: Standard 2 1/4 inches.
    • Construction: One Piece Composite Senior Slowpitch Bat.
    • End Load: Featuring a 0.5 oz end load for added power.
    • Performance: Game Ready and Extremely Hot straight out of the Wrapper.
    • Handle: Ultra Thin and Lightweight for enhanced control and maneuverability.
    • Knob: Small Knob specifically engineered to boost power and bat speed.
    • Material: Built with ZOC Composite for unparalleled performance.
    • End Cap: Turn Key End Cap for ultimate product security and performance consistency.

    Take your game to the next level with the Short Porch Cellblock Lunchbox Edition SSUSA Senior Softball Slowpitch Bat.